S.a.Y.E. Hai sume.... My name is Fatin Athirah...Im here want to shre u bout my self ...i liv at Kg.Batu Rakit..Im 18 years old...(maseh mde)..i was born on 060692 at Home..(xdan nk g pital ambulans lmbat ngt)..Ive 5 siblings..im the second from my siblings..My early skool at tadika , Sek.Keb.Pagar Besi..When i grow ,i continue my study at Sek.MeN.Keb.Mengabang Telipot,Sek.Men.Agame Setiu.When i got excellent result, i transfer at Sek.Men.Teknik Wakaf tembusu..After 6month i relaxs at home ,i continue my study at Here(POLITEKNIK SULTAN MIZAN ZAINAL ABIDIN).. I want succsess in my education n get my ambittion(ENGINEER) after finish my study..

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